Who We Are
Engineer, producer, musician and owner of Bassmeant Studio
Doug Balmanno began in the music business in Brisbane in the
1970s. He cut his musical teeth with The Saints in the early days
of punk music. Later he worked at the great pub rock venues
like The Queens Hotel, Cloudland Ballroom and the Triple Z
Joint Efforts sharing the stage with Cold Chisel, The Angels,
Skyhooks. The Black Sorrows, Mondo Rock, Richard Clapton
and many more.
During the years since Doug has toured extensively throughout
Australia with numerous groups including folkband Rantan and
showband Gee Wizz. He was also in demand as a session
player at sudios in & around Brisbane and musical director for
touring shows and at many of the large club venues like Twin
Towns, Seagulls etc.
In the early 90s Doug took a break from playing. He began
touring around Australia with international and national
travelling shows, first as sound and lighting engineer then later
as tour manager.
After settling on the Sunshine Coast in the mid 90s, Doug
realised a longtime ambition with the creation of Bassmeant
Studio, as it goes from strength to strength, his musical life
grows with it.
Doug has wide musical tastes, having played in groups ranging
from punk through blues, jazz, rock to folk and acoustic bands.
He has also produced and engineered projects as widely varied
as hiphop albums, choral music and audio books. It is his love
of different new challenges that inspire him.